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Posted by chris on July 4, 2018

Why Work With A Recruiter? (A Job Seekers Perspective)

I have had this conversation with at least three people just in the last week. Why work with a recruiter? I am not a recruiter, but here is why I believe recruiters are critical to your job search.

1. Some companies only use recruiters. Jobs sometimes don’t even get posted by hiring companies. You would never even know of an open opportunity to work for some specific companies unless you were apart of a specific recruiter’s network.

2. Some companies skip steps when they work with recruiters. This is good for you! We have all submitted hundreds of resumes and wondered about the black hole where they end up... when you work with a recruiter, you have a voice speaking up for you... pushing your resume to the top of the pile (or at least the top five.)

3. A good recruiter builds solid relationships with the companies they work with... this means that their word means something to the hiring manager. When they vouch for you, it means something.

4. Instead of being one of one-thousand - you may be one of five. Recruiters narrow down the search for the businesses that they represent. This means that if you are reached out to by a recruiter, your odds of getting the job go up significantly compared to you simply submitting your resume to the generic job post. 

5. Most Importantly: Recruiters have knowledge and experience to help you improve your job seeking abilities. Recruiters know what companies need, want, and look for in the roles that you want. Every conversation you have with a recruiter about a role is information sourcing to be used going forward in your future job hunt for future similar positions. This is massively valuable toward your professional development. It is the most important reason to work with a recruiter.


If you are reached out to by a recruiter about a role, talk to them! While they do represent the company, they also need qualified candidates to present. You are important to them, and they can be critical to you in your career search.


This article was written by Laura Sayers


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