CRM Manager

Purpose of this role: To research, evaluate, contract and ensure effective execution of technology solutions that improve the performance of the CRM team. There are no limitations to the type of technology, but common examples include email fulfilment solutions, customer segmentation/reporting tools, omni-channel communication interface (e.g. to facilitate SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram etc), and chat bots. The ideal candidate should have a passion for technology used in the CRM space, be technically competent enough to appreciate the ‘workings’ to optimise the use of said technology solution, but not necessarily skilled enough to install the technology or need coding skills.

Job description

  • Email delivery - optimisation of the day-to-day delivery rates / CTR / CTOR’s.
  • Constant monitoring of the IP Health checks
  • Driving optimization strategies into the communication flows

o   STO

o   Channel Preferences

  • Optimisation of the email templates (image ratios / Copy flags) to ensure Inbox deliver and avoidance of spam traps
  • Assisting with the personalisation elements

o   Dynamic Content Blocks

o   AMPScript variables

  • Feeding into the data blueprints to allow for all underlying content / data requirements to be accessible to the marketing team
  • Ensuring that the Marcomms Stack is structured to allow for scalability
  • Utilising existing customer communication channels, while driving innovation into new Channels (DSP / Retargeting / social / Messenger style channels)
  • At the heart of all campaigns ensuring that regionalisation and personalisation are implemented
  • Help the marketing teams with building and enhancing existing segmentation
  • Expand on and drive automation initiatives into the business.
  • Create a culture in the team of optimisation based on A/B testing, data driven decision making and implementing shared learnings.
  • Act as a communication bridge between the software development teams and the customer CRM teams. This will include fleshing out technology briefs from the CRM team, to be built by the development teams.

Key KPIs will include:

  • Email delivery rates (and management of the entire emailing solutions)
  • Customer engagement rates via non-email channels
  • Efficacy of CRM tools



Experience in iGaming preferred but not mandatory
Tertiary related qualification preferred.
5 years experience plus in similiar role.




Rivonia, Johannesburg


ASAP, will wait for the right person