Data Engineer

Our clients’ Data Engineering team is focused on designing, building, and troubleshooting data processing systems that are secure, reliable, fault-tolerant, scalable, and efficient. They are currently working towards building a completely new Real-Time Event-Driven Architecture for data processing using open-source and serverless technologies such as Debezium, BigQuery, Flink, Kafka, among others. This new Lakehouse will serve as the central source of truth, which multiple internal users will have access to, to drive their daily/monthly/quarterly decisions. They are growing quickly, which brings a number of unique and interesting challenges. As such, data within the organisation is also growing quickly. This brings a lot of opportunities for you to shape the tools, technologies, and culture around data in the company. Our client is a young, dynamic, hyper growth company looking for smart, creative, hard-working people with integrity to join us. We offer a market related, Total Remuneration Package which allows full flexibility according to your needs, a great work environment and a promise that you won’t be bored as long as you are prepared for a challenge and want to build something great. This position reports to the Data Systems Director

Job description

  • Designing, developing, testing, and maintaining data architectures.
  • Preparing data for descriptive, predictive and prescriptive modeling
  • Automating repetitive tasks and manual processes related with the data usage
  • Optimizing data delivery
  • Designing, developing, and testing large stream data pipelines to ingest, aggregate, clean, and distribute data models ready for analysis
  • Ensuring the highest standard in data integrity
  • Leveraging best practices in continuous integration and delivery
  • Collaborating with other engineers, ML experts, analysts, and stakeholders to produce the most efficient and valuable solutions
  • Contributing to our data democratisation and literacy vision by making accessible and easy-to-use data products and tools
  • Implementing features, technology, and processes that move us towards industry best practices, improving on scalability, efficiency, reliability, and security
  • Operations and ownership of systems in production, responding to incidents



Works well with people and is passionate about helping people be their best
Is a team player, an active listener, mentor, and able to communicate well
Shows solid reasoning and decision making, with the ability to work under pressure
Is passionate about technology, systems and data
Is curious, always learning, and keeping up to date with the industry
Has a deep understanding of data pipelining, streaming, and Big Data technologies, methods, patterns, and techniques.
Has a solid grasp on data modeling, schema design, data warehouse, and data lake design and implementation
Can troubleshoot complex database operations and performance issues
Can automate tasks using shell scripting or writing small applications

Qualifications & Experience:
Comp-sci Degree or 3 years relevant industry experience
Experience with open source relational database systems (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc)
Significant technical experience and a proven track record of data modeling and schema design
A thorough understanding of database and data warehousing principles (e.g. OLAP, Data Marts, Star Schema, Snowflake, etc)
Write code (Java and Python preferable)
Familiar with CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Travis, Circle CI, etc
Experience with Kafka, PubSub, or other event-based systems
Experience with stream data pipeline frameworks or solutions such as Apache Flink, Apache Beam, Storm, Databricks, etc.
Experience with data warehousing, data lakes, lambda/kappa architectures
Experience working in cloud environments and with containerisation frameworks, tools and platforms (e.g Docker, Kubernetes, GKE, etc).




Cape Town, City Centre


ASAP, will wait for the right candidate