Lead Data Engineer | Finance | Northern Suburbs

Our client is a leading, financial provider with a successful business model supported by great people with a strong culture of innovation and data driven decision making. They are currently looking for a Lead Data Engineer.

Job description

You purpose will be to create business value by leading a team that apply data engineering and data management disciplines to design and build data solutions that enable data driven decision support, in order to optimize business decisions and processes.


Key Performance Areas for this role are:

Sourcing data

Identify data sources that can add value to decision making

Work with source system owners and analysts to understand source data, e.g. data profiling, definition and mapping.

Loading data

Design and implement efficient data loads, using traditional structured data ETL techniques

Design and implement real time and near real time data load solutions, using technologies like data streaming

Design and implement unstructured data loads, e.g. text speech, images and videos

Design and implement load monitoring tools and procedures and perform continuous monitoring and optimising of loads

Storing data

Work with analysts and architect to design and implement effective and efficient data models using appropriate modelling techniques

Design and implement data warehouse data models

Design and implement data pipelines for ad hoc, unstructured and other data models

Enhancing data

Design and implement appropriate aggregation data structures that enhance usability of data, e.g. multi-dimensional OLAP structures, summary tables etc

Design, implement and maintain appropriate indexing on tables to enhance speed of access

Design and implement data models that support automated decision making and/or further analytics

Continuously search for data elements from other sources to enhance existing data objects to supplement / enhance context

Making data available

Design and implement interfaces for data access, e.g. batch exports, real-time decision API’s etc

Design and implement interface monitoring and management solutions to ensure availability and accuracy

Managing data

Design and implement data monitoring solutions and procedures and continuously monitor and maintain integrity of existing environment, troubleshoot technical and data issues and make appropriate changes where required

Design and implement meta-data solutions that assist with understanding and managing data

Work together with business owners, analysts and IT to maintain good data governance

Work together with business owners, analysts and IT to manage changes to data in the organisation

Provide technical and data related support to source system teams and external parties with whom our client exchanges data

Manage data growth and usage by implementing effective strategies, e.g. archiving and indexing

Manage systems, technology and tools that enable data management and analytics and liaise with IT infrastructure and IT Operations regarding system and infrastructure management

Leadership responsibilities

Take ownership of own work by delivering high quality work on time

Show initiative and be pre-active in finding opportunities to improve data and/or processes

Take ownership of own career development by continuously improving skills, knowledge and the application thereof in designing and implementing solutions

Positive engagement in team activities and actively contribute ideas to improve team dynamics and performance

Complex solution and service design and implementation

Cross functional data and team knowledge gathering and sharing

Responsible for team activities, team dynamics and performance

Manage project and task delivery of team

Multiple stakeholder management (internal and external)

Assist in development of others, e.g. mentoring and knowledge share

Quality control of other’s work


• Degree in information technology/engineering/mathematics/statistics/actuarial or related discipline
• At least 8 years’ experience working in a data, business intelligence or analytics environment

Functional Competencies:

• Data analysis
• Data visualisation
• Data modelling
• Microsoft business intelligence data technologies (SSIS, SSAS, SQL Server)
• Data warehouse concepts and best practices



Northern Suburbs


Interested in this position?

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