Senior Online Casino Hosts

Our client is looking for Senior Online Casino Hosts to join their rapidly expanding team.

Job description

Our client is looking for Online Casino Hosts to join their Extraordinary ever expanding team.  They don't care where you work from - whether it's Casablanca or Cancun or Cape Town, as long as you're happy to work their hours and have stable and fast internet. 

They have an Extraordinary team and employ only the cream of the crop. They look for people who not only understand what Extraordinary customer service is, but people who have an Extraordinary knowledge of the online casino industry.  After all if you're providing a service to someone, then you should know everything about the service you're providing, right?  Online Casino Hosts who are lucky enough to work here frequently play slot games, and if you don't know the difference between a wild symbol or a stacked symbol in a slot game, or what an RTP % is, then you're not the unicorn we're hunting for.  

In return for your Extraordinariness you'll work in an incredibly fast paced team, with a rapidly expanding company who are making serious waves in an otherwise uncertain economic climate.  You'll work with people who are considered family before colleagues.  You'll be paid an Extraordinary salary (paid in Euros or Bitcoin) that you won't earn anywhere else in South Africa in a Customer Care role.  You'll also be given annual travel allowances and enjoy team builds in exotic locations across the globe (once Covid has calmed down a bit, at least).   You''ll work at the worlds funkiest bitcoin casino with some of the top industry learners, where no doubt you'll learn a lot and grow. 

If you are an Extraorindary Online Casino Host, then I'd love to chat with you!  Let me know what makes you stand out above the rest - you can email me at



Grade 12
2 years experience in the online casino industry (this is not negotiable).
English as a 1st language and impeccable written skills.
Tech savvy
Fast typing speed
Fast and reliable internet


Customer Care


Fully remote


Yesterday, will wait for the right person